6 Bad Password Choices

A password is needed just about anytime you are conducting any type of transaction on the internet.    How to remember all the passwords is the tricky part.  One insufficient solution many people choose is to keep them simple or use the same one over and over.  However,  owning a small business means owning data and […]

How to find the most current consent forms

All C4 Operations Customers please make sure you are using the most current consent forms from C4 Operations. To find the most current consent forms you will need to log into your C4 Operations account. Once logged in, click on your name and the drop-down menu will open. Click on “Help” and now you will […]

What we do at C4 Operations

We wanted to know how our services helped make our clients’ jobs easier and this is what they had to say. The 380 Companies are the largest restoration & reconstruction contractor in the state of Iowa. Here’s their C4 Story. We welcome The 380 Companies into the C4 family.   We would like to thank Flow […]

Fingerprinting vs Background Checks

Contrary to popular belief, there is no single government database containing complete and up to date records regarding a person’s criminal history.  The use of FBI fingerprint background checks for employment is rapidly increasing.  Roughly 17 million FBI fingerprint background checks were conducted for employment and licensing purposes in 2012 which is six times the […]

JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) Walk 2017

Update – May 13th We raised $1038 as a team. Our goal was $1000. We walked two miles at this year’s JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) Walk 2017. C4 Operations strongly believes in supporting our local community and worthy causes. The JDRF One Walk is an opportunity for both. C4 Operations isn’t just a background […]

Who is C4 Operations?

At C4 Operations Background Check Services, we believe family comes first. It is important for us individually, but we also view our team as family and all of those who do life and business with us. We welcome you into the C4 family.   We would like to thank Flow Media

Spreading Christmas Cheer

It has been a yearly tradition at C4 Operations to give back or pay it forward in our local community with random acts of kindness during the Christmas season. The view outside many windows at the C4 Operations office is of Evergreen Senior Living Residential Estates in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.   Our staff observes the […]

C4 Operations and Customer Service

One of our core business values at C4 Operations is customer service.  What do we mean by this and how do we measure our success at it?  Why do we all agree that customer service is critical? Because many consumers can easily define what isn’t good customer service. We have experienced it, felt it, and […]

C4 Operations new building

C4 Operations recently celebrated moving into our new building located at 1201 Edgewood Rd SW on the Southwest side of Cedar Rapids, IA. Cedar Rapids is the second-largest city in the State of Iowa and home to 300 manufacturing plants and two dozen Fortune 500 companies. C4 is excited to announce this relocation will be […]

Cleaning for a Reason

Cleaning For a Reason is a non-profit organization partnering with professional cleaning companies to offer free house cleaning to improve the lives of women undergoing treatment for any type of cancer. Cleaning for a Reason partners, with professional residential maid services who are insured or bonded, and perform background checks on their employees to participate […]