The Importance of the FCRA

Congress passed the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) into federal law in 1970.  The law was designed around the idea that we need to protect personal and confidential information for all US citizens. This system helps monitor the collection and use of personal information with certain restrictions on how a person’s information is collected and […]

Shannon County Officially Changes Name

Please note that Shannon County, South Dakota has officially changed its name to Oglala Lakota County and has been assigned a new FIPS code of 46-102. We have updated the zip code database to correctly map the associated zip codes to the new Oglala Lakota County name and jurisdiction.

Why Should I Run Background Checks?

When you think of a background check, you might think that all this information is in one big computer just waiting to divulge any information that you might need. The truth is most of this information is broken up into several different agencies and will need to be searched and compiled into a usable list […]