Background Check

Our company offers you instant access to background information, as well as superior customer service. We are here for you. We know that questions about your applicants are important and you need us to be available for you. We also offer competitive pricing. I have listed our services below, along with the prices. Best of all, you can try our service with no set up fees, no monthly minimums, and no time contracts. This way, you can try it and you be the judge! Please look at the information and I will follow up with you in the next few days.

We would appreciate the opportunity to introduce our company to you and your team!

C4 Operations  Company Values:

Customer Service
Our company is here for your company. We have researchers, tech support, and more waiting to ensure your happiness with our service. As your personal representative you will have my direct number and be able to reach me at any time.

Thoroughness of Records
Currently, C4 Operations is accessing criminal records instantly from all 50 states. This is not all records from all 50 states. Some states have incomplete online records. We will make sure that your applicants’ records are searched. We will do online and offline searches to find the necessary information you need. With our records if there is something important to find out about your applicants, you will know it!

C4 Operations will provide you with the best product available at the best price. We are proud of our service. With that in mind, we understand you have a bottom line. We are willing to beat your current pricing because we understand every dollar saved adds up!