ID Verification Solution

Form I-9 Audits, Prosecutions and Convictions

With an ever-growing list of investigations, charges and convictions posted on ICE’s website, enforcement actions are here to stay. Convictions and investigations verify the government’s stance and goal of promoting a culture of compliance.

Anything can trigger an ICE audit. Anonymous complaints from a disgruntled employee, or even one of your competitors, can lead to a surprise visit. No geographical region is immune to these visitations.

Severe as the civil penalties may be—starting at $100 and scaling rapidly up to $3,200 for every single technical violation of the law—willful violations (defined as simply not doing enough to ensure that your business is in proper compliance) can also result in criminal prosecutions.

IDValidation provides your business with valuable legal cover in the event of an actual audit. ICE can see you take these regulations seriously, have consulted with professional experts, and act in conformance to their advice to the best of your knowledge. That is a valuable and extremely inexpensive form of insurance against what could be a real legal and public perception nightmare.

“Your Risk has No Reward”

IDValidation has the expertise and tools needed to reduce your RISK associated with the I-9 Processes and Regulations with smart and easy to use technology. Designed to eliminate liability and unnecessary paper, IDValidation’s I-9 Solution generates and maintains forms electronically, utilizing a “click-to-sign” e-signature process.

Additional features protect your organization from a pre-audit rush and associated penalty RISKS.

We utilize Software as a Service (SaaS) accessibility while providing a high level of security with no servers or software for employers to install or maintain.


Every employer has a potential I-9 compliance issue because of increasing worksite enforcement, stricter E-Verify laws, and the need to streamline the hiring process.


Form I-9 has been labeled “America’s most complicated government form” with more than 80 common errors. Studies have found that a typical organization that completes I-9s using pen and paper will either have discrepancies, omissions or errors on approximately 85% or more of their forms.


You can’t afford blunders. Simple I-9 errors, omissions or discrepancies can lead to fines and penalties ranging from $110 to $1,100 per employee. In addition, the government can aggravate fines up to an additional 25% based on a variety of factors.
You’ve realized you’re at RISK… what now?

Want to simplify virtually every step of the I-9 process to ensure proper completion while reducing future fine exposure?What if you could automate the process for I-9/ E-Verify management, comprehensive reporting and self-auditing tools?

The IDValidation Difference
Our solution offers an intuitive, user-friendly system to help eliminate errors and streamline the on-boarding process. Currently used by more than 30,000 HR professionals, IDValidation can help you:

    • Prevent errors and omissions on the I-9 form with a real-time error-detecting platform
    • Easily prepare, manage, audit and store all your I-9 records electronically
    • Enforce consistent I-9 procedures to remain compliant and non-discriminatory
    • Instantly transmit I-9 data to E-Verify where required
    • Electronically Capture historical I-9 records into an electronic format and correct past mistakes
    • Ensure timely I-9 re-verifications and receipt updates
    • Develop new hire policies and procedures related to the electronic I-9 / E-Verify implementation and transition process
    • Work seamlessly with your representatives in case you receive an ICE Notice of Inspection (NOI)

The ID Verification Difference

We provide the most comprehensive electronic, error-detecting Form I-9 solution which requires no employer upgrade.  Click on each to find out more.

Electronic Error -detecting Form I-9 New Hires
  • Seamless one-click E-Verify® submission from the electronic Form I-9
  • Automated 90/60/30 day expiring document alerts sent to management
  • Remote Hire Options – Section 1 employee completion options
  • Full Compliance with 8 CFR part 274a; E-signature and storage of Form I-9 Final rule
  • Real time, Excel reporting options; I-9 audit log and employee receipt options
Electronic Capture Post Hire
  • Records are retrievable 24/7 and provide 90/60/30 day expiring document alerts

  • Reporting and termination/purge options
E-Verify® Post Hire only
  • Streamlined process for submitting E-Verify® queries
  • One-Click submission from our error-detecting electronic I-9 Form / Results within 5 seconds
  • Step-by-Step user instructions and automated management alerts for E-Verify® processes/changes
Auditing Services
  • Highlighted I-9 Forms will be returned to the employer organized in binders
  • Employer will receive a comprehensive I-9 Audit result (summary of errors, omissions and discrepancies)
  • Employer will receive Final Audit communication detailing Audit findings
Compliance Consulting
  • I-9 Compliance consulting services available as requested and billable at agreed upon terms.

Electronic Data Interchange
  • Custom Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) process:
  • Missing I-9’s / Terminated I-9’s / Transfer I-9’s / Hire Date Discrepancy
  • Termination/Purge Capabilities
  • Enhances the Employer’s Management Capabilities to Monitor Compliance


Let ID Validation will bring peace of mind to this very time-consuming process.

One time setup fee

(A recurring charge of $175 will be billed yearly)

To use ID Validation in multiple locations but with the same company.

One time setup fee

(This cost is per location.)

Cost per employee to validate with ID Validation Solution

Per Applicant:
$5.00 E-Verify
$4.00 I-9 Form