Quick App Pro

Need to Save time? Send your Applicant a

Quick App

  • No Additional Cost
  • Closed Link (Unique To Applicant)
  • Link Active for 14 Days
  • Reminders Sent to Applicant
  • Generic Disclosures/Authorization Forms Signed by
    Applicant Electronically

Quick App Pro

  • Customized Link for your Company (will include your company logo and welcome note to applicant)
  • Open Link System
  • Option to Process Instantly
  • Smart Disclosures (which are state, county and local jurisdiction specific.) Forms Signed by Applicant  Electronically
  • Applicant Pay Option Available*
  • $30.00/month subscription

Simplifying the screening process with QuickApp™ and QuickApp™ Pro 


QuickApp enables any organization to use a generic online application system. This enables the applicant to fill out their own information and sign disclosures online.
This is available at no additional charge. 

QuickApp Pro™

In this program a customized link is built for your company. This is customized with your logo and company information. When the applicant is sent the link, the applicant clicks the link that enables them to electronically provide their information and sign the Smart Disclosures that are compliant with all specific State, County, and local jurisdiction laws and ordinances. This assures that your companies disclosures will always be FCRA compliant, and your background check process is fully automated.

In addition, QuickApp™ Pro’s responsive design optimizes itself for use on multiple devices and browsers.

    With QuickApp and QuickApp™ Pro you can:
  • Automate your background check process.
  • Save time by not having to input the applicants information and upload the consent forms
  • Have access to the online, customizable application via individual email invitations, self-service online kiosks, or through XML integrations with third-party applicant tracking software.
  • Avoid compliance issues by removing the collection of sensitive personal identifiers, including DOB, to the applicant during the online application process.
  • Have full credit card integration which provides the option to require applicants or volunteers to pay for their own screening services at the time of order entry. ( not available in some states.)

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