Step by Step how to run a background check

Here is a step by step trainer to walk you through the process of using our background screening program.  Please bookmark this page as it will provide resources and information to make your background screening more efficient.


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First Time Login Instructions

User Set-up:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the User Login button at the top of the page.
  3. Input your Username and Password provided in the Online User Instructions email – Press Login
  4. Enter the Authentication Code that will be sent via email or text.
    1. Note: The Authentication Code does expire. If you do not receive the code via email within 2-3 minutes, please check your Junk email folder before attempting to log in again.
    2. Each attempt to log in will generate a new Authentication Code.
  5. Complete the Security Questions
  6. Create your new password
  7. Your User Profile is now set up. If you would like to order your first report, please skip to step 3 below.


Running a Background Check

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the User Login button at the top of the page.
  3. Input your Username and Password – Press Login
  4. Click on the Order button
  5. Select Product for Order Screen:  You should see a menu with all to the packages available for you to order. Select the package you would like to request by clicking on the Order ➪
  6. Select Searches for Order Screen:  On this screen make sure that all the searches you want to order are check marked.  You may un-select any searches you do not want to order.  Hit the Next ➪ button on the right.  
  7. Applicant Screen:   Enter applicant information.  

Reference Box:  This box is optional  Any information entered here will be grouped together on your invoice.  

Position/Title:  This box is optional.  This information can be used for tracking the number of Administrative Assistants for example, that you have hired in a certain year.  

Proposed Salary:  This box is optional.  This is for internal use to track the Salaries and Wages for applicant positions.

Input the required information:  Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth, Social Security Number (the system will insert the dashes automatically) Email address,  Name Alias (this is any former names that you wish to add in the search)


  1. Applicant Address Screen:  Enter applicant’s current address.  If you need to cover a seven year period, hit the previous address box and enter in previous address here.  Click on Next ➪

The next screen steps will vary depending on searches you have requested.

  1. Instant Driving Record Screen: Enter the Driver’s License # and issuing state in the appropriate boxes.  Click on Next ➪
  2. County Criminal Records Search Screen:  Based on address entered for applicant, the system will pull the appropriate county to search.  If you want to search additional counties based on address history of applicant,  use the

➕ County box to add additional counties.     Click on Next ⇨

There will be a screen for each search ordered (Federal Criminal Records, InstaCriminal National Records, Civil Records, Credit Reports, State Criminal, County Criminal Records, InstaEviction Records)  On each screen verify this is the search you need and click on Next ⇨

  1. Order Summary Screen:  Verify all applicant information is correct, verify fees and charges, upload applicant consent form at the bottom left and any internal order entry notes desired.  If you have any questions please call C4 Operations before you click on the Complete Order ⇨ button.    C4 Operations offers 24 hours, 7 days a week customer service.  Please call 319 491-6300.   For security purposes, always remember to log off at the end of your session.