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  • • SSN search
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  • • National Sex Offender Registry
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  • •SSN search
  • • National Criminal Database
  • • One Live County Criminal Search
  • • National Sex Offender Registry
  • • National Federal Criminal Court
  • • Employment or Education Report.
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We offer Drug Testing

We are a strength sponsor of this great non-profit that gives the gift of free house cleaning to women undergoing treatment for any type of cancer.

Find out more here.

We understand Maid Services

Besides a willingness to please the customer and the dedication to provide a thorough cleaning job, a critical requirement for maid services and employees of any type of cleaning services is honesty.  Clients must trust the people who come in to clean their homes and businesses.   C4 Operations provides background checks that are thorough with timely results and with  packages to fit your needs and budget.  Let people know that your company is reputable and that you would not just allow anyone into their home.  Your staff should be the pride of your business and we want to help make that possible.


  • Background checks offer you quick and efficient searches providing you with a fuller view of your hire.
  • Without background screening, you are vulnerable to theft, workplace violence, and high turnover.
  • Builds credibility for your business and gives your current and future customers peace of mind.
  • Helps in keeping your workplace drug-free.
  • We offer full motor vehicle record reports

Jackie D – Rancho Cucamonga CA
“Just want to let you know that I LOVE your services, your background check caught some felonies on a former employee that my last check had not. Saved me a huge headache. Thank you!”
Marilyn C. – Pelham AL
“Our business operated in Pelham, Alabama. I have been very pleased with the easy in which C4 works. I have used a local company for a few years and I was not dissatisfied with them but C4 just seems to be an easier process. I have control over the entry and the turn around is fast and easy.”

C4 Operations Has You Covered





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