How To Dispute Consumer Report

Information for Consumers from C4 Operations

If you are the subject of a consumer report prepared by C4 Operations and find information that you believe is incorrect or incomplete, you have the legal right to dispute it. A Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) has the legal obligation to investigate your concerns.  Our top priority is producing the most accurate checks possible.

If you have any concerns please contact C4 Operations by calling 888-519-6283 and asking to speak with the Dispute Department, where our trained staff will be able to help you understand your concerns. You may also email or write to us. See our Contact page at Contact Us.

What Happens Next?

Upon receipt of your dispute,  C4 Operations has thirty (30) days to conduct a reinvestigation of the information disputed and to record the current status of the information on your file or, in some instances, delete the information from your file. We will provide you with notice of the results of our reinvestigation no later than five (5) business days after the completion of the reinvestigation. This notice will be provided to you by mail.  In some cases, the 30 day period may be extended by another 15 days in cases where you have provided additional information during the original 30 day reinvestigation period which may be relevant to the reinvestigation

  • For Employment Purposes Reports: If a reinvestigation does not resolve the dispute as you wish, you may submit a brief statement setting forth the nature of the dispute and we will insert this statement into your file. It will appear in any future report we issue that contains the disputed information.
  • For Credit Reports: If a reinvestigation of your credit report does not resolve the dispute as you wish, you may contact us or the credit bureau directly to file a statement for inclusion on your report.

You may also have separate rights under state law depending on where you reside. Information on your state’s regulations can be found at the agency that regulates Consumer Reporting in your state.

C4 Operations is unable to give job seekers advice on any job placement or employment matters. Most state or county bar associations have low-cost or no-cost programs to give consumers advice. If you have a question about a background report and criminal records or other topics, a consumer may want to use a bar association program to consult with an attorney familiar with the subject. Each state has their own rules about criminal records.