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How To Dispute Consumer Report

As a valued client of C4 Operations, we understand the importance of accuracy and completeness in the information we provide.

If for any reason, you believe that information in a consumer report prepared by C4 Operations is incorrect or incomplete, we encourage you to exercise your legal right to dispute it. Our dedicated Dispute Department can be reached at 888-519-6283, where our trained staff is available to assist you in understanding your concerns and guide you through the dispute process. For further assistance, please refer to our Contact page to identify the most effective means of reaching us. At C4 Operations, we prioritize accuracy and aim to deliver the most reliable screening services to our clients.

Upon receiving your dispute, C4 Operations is required to conduct a reinvestigation of the disputed information within 30 days and update your file with the current status or delete the information. Within 5 business days of completing the reinvestigation, we will notify you of the results by mail. Please note, the 30-day period may be extended by an additional 15 days if you provide additional relevant information during the initial 30-day period.

If a reinvestigation of your employment or credit report does not resolve the dispute as you wish, there are options available.

  • For Employment Purposes Reports: If a reinvestigation does not resolve the dispute as you wish, you can submit a brief statement outlining the nature of the dispute, which will be included in any future report that contains the disputed information.
  • For Credit Reports: If a reinvestigation of your credit report does not resolve the dispute as you wish, you can contact the credit bureau or us directly to file a statement for inclusion on your report.

It is important to note that you may have additional rights under state law, which can vary depending on your state of residence. Most state or county bar associations have low-cost or no-cost programs to give consumers advice. Please be advised that C4 Operations is unable to provide job seekers with advice regarding job placement or employment matters.