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Notary Services

To meet your notarization needs, our Cedar Rapids office provides efficient and reliable services. You may complete the form below to schedule an appointment with a C4 Representative who will promptly reach out to you. Alternatively, you may visit us as a walk-in without an appointment. Trust us to provide you with exceptional notarization services, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

There are various types of legal documents that may require notarization to ensure their authenticity and legality. Some of the most common documents that require notarization include:

  1. Real estate documents, such as deeds, mortgages, and lease agreements
  2. Powers of attorney
  3. Wills and trusts
  4. Affidavits and sworn statements
  5. Loan and financial documents, such as promissory notes and loan agreements
  6. Court documents, such as pleadings, motions, and judgments
  7. Business documents, such as contracts, articles of incorporation, and business licenses
  8. Immigration documents, such as visa applications and citizenship papers
  9. Medical documents, such as living wills and medical power of attorney
  10. Vehicle-related documents, such as titles and bills of sale.

It’s important to note that the specific types of documents that require notarization may vary by state and jurisdiction, so it’s always best to consult with a legal professional or a notary public to determine if notarization is required for your particular document.

Be Prepared for Your Notary Appointment

When you visit us for notary services, it is essential to bring a valid, government-issued photo identification card. This requirement is necessary to ensure your identity and eligibility to receive the notary services. Failure to provide this form of identification may result in the denial of access to the notary services. Therefore, kindly ensure that you have your valid, government-issued photo ID with you when you visit us.

It is important to note that laws regarding notarization and signature witnessing can vary significantly by state. Hence, it is crucial to check with us to determine whether signature witnesses are required for a particular document and if the notary public staff at a given location can provide that service. Some states may restrict notary publics from acting as signature witnesses, making it vital to inquire about the availability of this service if required by the laws of your state. Additionally, not all locations may offer signature witnessing services, so kindly contact us to confirm the availability of this service

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