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Consent Forms

To align with the guidelines outlined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), it is imperative that we, in collaboration with you, secure proper authorization before initiating any background check screening process. Each background check conducted by C4 Operations necessitates the inclusion of an FCRA-compliant Authorization/Consent Form.

Information Forms

While the form we provide is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended as a valuable tool to streamline the collection of essential information required for conducting a comprehensive background check. This suggested form is designed to assist you in efficiently gathering the necessary details, ensuring the thoroughness and accuracy of the screening process.

Motor Vehicle Search

For clients situated in Pennsylvania, Alaska, or Washington, or for those seeking to run a Motor Vehicle Records Search within these states, we offer state-specific forms tailored to meet the unique requirements of these regions. It is imperative that the applicant completes this designated form before initiating the background check request. During the final step of the ordering process, please ensure that you upload this form, as it is a mandatory step to facilitate the background check procedure.