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Consent Forms and Compliance

Consent Forms and Compliance

Before you run a background check screening, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires that you obtain written authorization (consent) from the applicant in order to perform the background check.

Beginning in  September 2017, C4 Operations required consent forms to be uploaded at the time you order the background check.  This is to ensure compliance with the FCRA and ensures that you are using the correct C4 Operations consent form, e.g., tenant, employment, or volunteer.
Download Consent Forms*
Before an employer may obtain a consumer report from a CRA, typically the employer must make a “clear and conspicuous” written disclosure to the consumer, in a document that consists “solely” of the disclosure, that a consumer report may be obtained. The disclosure cannot be contained within the body of an application. The applicant or employee must provide advance written permission for the employer to obtain a consumer report for “employment purposes.” -FCRA
If you​ do not upload our consent form, C4 Operations will contact your company to ensure the approved form is uploaded​ and retained on file.  This could slow down the process of completing your background check report.
As a reminder, the FCRA requires employers to:

  • Certify to job applicants that consumer background reports will be used for a “permissible purpose”,
  • Provide written disclosure and receive written authorization from job applicants before obtaining consumer reports;
  • Provide notice to job applicants, including a copy of the consumer background report relied upon and a notice of the applicant’s rights under the FCRA, before making any adverse employment decisions; and
  • Provide job applicants, orally, in writing, or electronically, with an adverse action notice after making any adverse employment decisions based on a consumer background report.

Prevent the Call.
Upload the Consent Form as you order the Background Check.

 If you have any questions while running a screening, we offer 24-7 customer service by calling 888-519-6283.  

Want to beat the paper trail?
Have your applicants enter their own information.
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*This link will take you to the location of the consent forms. You will need to have an active account with C4 Operations and username to obtain these forms.  It is with this account that you will also upload the completed consent forms to the background check order.

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