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Why Should I Run Background Checks?

Why Should I Run Background Checks?

When you think of a background check, you might think that all this information is in one big computer just waiting to divulge any information that you might need. The truth is most of this information is broken up into several different agencies and will need to be searched and compiled into a usable list that you, as a client, can understand.

C4 Operations Background Check Services strives to simplify the data for each of our clients. Whether you are searching one database or need to research several Social Security numbers or aliases with our system you will be able to see a clearer view of the employee you are looking to hire.

Our first goal it to help protect your company, your employees, and your clients. With a full background check, you will be able to feel confident in your applicants and their integrity.

This world is full of people either enhancing their skills or hiding their shortcomings. It is a tough employment market these days, but you can not allow for one of these two factors to harm your business credibility and professionalism.

What is required by law?

Some industries, especially those that require the handling of other people’s personal and private information, require background screenings. In some states these may include home healthcare, financial, and insurance industries among others. Even if your business does not operate in or provide these services, there are still crucial reasons to have a background check run.

Will I need their permission?

Yes.  You may have found a website that claims they can find out anything you want to know for a price but it does not mean they do a due diligence background check. Most of these sites are trying to get your money with information that you can find with a little work on the Internet. But to search with due diligence, you need to use a firm that has access to records not available to everyone. With that said, certain information needs to be obtained from this person in order to get the records you need. The applicant must complete a consent form in order for you to do a background check. There are two forms that must be completed by the applicant, the authorization and the disclosure. This is mandated by the Fair Credit Report Act, FCRA. (these forms will be made available to you by download once you have set up an account with C4 Operations.)

Some of the basic information you will need to obtain from the applicant:

Candidate’s full name (first , middle and last name)
Full date of birth
Social Security Number
Address (more than one may be needed depending on the length of background check being requested)

While criminal records are NOT identified by Social Security Number, they are used to search for the persons and social security validation.  This verifies that the applicant is who they say they are by checking with the Social Security Administration.

Is there just one package that fits all?

No, as with every job you have different needs and requirements. While there is no pre-packaged solution, C4 Operations Background Check Services will customize a package or packages that will fit your company’s needs. This will also speed up the hiring process on your side because you will now be able to select the individualized package we have created to fit the needs of your business.

What background checks will be included in these packages?

We begin with a  direct court searches in the jurisdiction(s) where the person lived in the recent past and supplement that with a multi-jurisdictional criminal database search to make sure that records are not overlooked from where the applicant may have worked or traveled. There are many more options available for your customized package or packages.

How long before I see results?

How long the screenings take depends on which specific service you choose and how that service is done. Many searches simply require the company to enter the relevant information into a database, yielding instant results. However, most services take longer due to the need for a live record search. A few services require a combination of database and live searches while others take a more unique approach.

Instant, database-driven searches include criminal history searches, credit history, name and address history, national security lists, sex offender registry and SSN verification/trace searches, while live searches include county, state and federal criminal history (these average 24-48 business hours).

How far into the past can screenings go?

The industry standard is to search for seven years of residence history for the applicant.

How often should background screenings be run?

Most businesses will run background checks during the hiring process, but best practice is to perform background checks every 3-5 years or upon promotion or transfer from one job class to another with different requirements.

Can I decline an employment applicant based on background screening?

If you choose not to hire an applicant you are legally obligated to follow the adverse action process as described in the FCRA compliance article. (www.c4operations.com has pre-populated pre-adverse action and adverse action notice available for you to send)  Also, each company should have some sort of dispute process outlined in their human resource policy manual. If you need assistance, C4 Operations Background Check Services can help you with this. Please contact us.


While every caution has been taken to provide our readers with the most accurate information and honest analysis, please use your discretion before taking any decisions based on the information in this blog. Each city, County, and State may have its own regulations and requirements.  This blog was written to bring up a conversation for you and your business.  C4 Operations is not a law firm and does not claim to offer legal advice.  Please use the local legal counsel before any actions. The author will not compensate you in any way whatsoever if you ever happen to suffer a loss/inconvenience/damage because of/while making use of information in this blog.

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